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Soni Banton

When trying to copy data from location to another, I found that shared permissions not copied, and I found in some threads talking about this topic that robocopy can't copy shared permissions, it can copy NTFS permission only and I found some solutions related to system capability and you write shared permissions on a note and move it to the destination location every time, this is really waste my time every time trying to copy, my friends suggested me your software and informed me that the solution is in your software,
The source server is windows server 2012 and the destination server is windows server 2016 R2,
The data that copied every time is not more than 5G, we just need the modified data to b copied, this is another problem, is your software deserves to try?


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Hi Soni Banton
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Yes, Gs Richcopy 360 can copy NTFS/Share permissions easily and without wasting any time.

Gs Richcopy 360 has a feature called Byte Replicator which allows you to transfer just the changed data in a file when synchronizing, instead of the entire file. This is useful in saving bandwidth especially when dealing with large file sizes.
This is a link to our site and to the Trial Version

- Alex
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Soni Banton

Good job Alex. Now my problem solved via your software...
What really impressed me is the quick response from the online support team, many thanks