Release Notes GS RichCopy 360 Standard and Enterprise


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Our development started in 2008. It took us roughly 2 years before we came out with the initial public release.
Year 2010

1.0.8 08-Jan-2010
1. Job Progress and Status will be saved to database only when it's changed from last state.
2. Copying Time stamp error for copy drive to drive is fixed

1.0.9 14-Jan-2010
1. Detail screen will be updated more smoothly.
2. Logic for copying Encrypt and Compress attribute changed on folder. It was a bug on windows 8.
3. Service user name under the RichCopy service is running (LogOn tab) is being mentioned in log file.
4. Job ETA will calculate more correctly.
5. Scheduled job for weekly and daily will have no issues now.

1.0.11 19-Jan-2010
1. Error Message made more users friendly.
2. Unable to create Service Account in first time. It was being created as normal Logged in account to be used for Impersonation on job screen.
3. File Securities, attributes and Timestamp are copied if only mismatch found, so it improve the performance.
4. Two Log Level (All and Error) is added to Job Configuration screen. Default is all.
5. File Compare Option TimeStamp/FileSize/Both is added to Job Configuration screen. Default is both. This option will help to hint the app "how to detect file is changed?".
6. RunOnce option will show default 10 minutes ahead from current time.

1.0.13 03-Apr-2010
1. Error summary is added to job history tab; only 1000 char will be saved in database.2. Log File will be populated with a flag if job was run in trial mode.
3. Local machine Time Zone information is saved in database
4. If user selects to run the GS RichCopy 360 service on windows account then it should always ask for credential. Now app doesn’t save credentials for service account for security purpose.
5. Data transfer rate is displayed on progress detailed screen.
6. Logs the file/folder deleted in mid of the copy job running.

1.0.14 05-Aug-2010
1. If source is not on local disk then locked file will be not copied using VSS. This message will be populated in Log file.
2. File/Folder exc/inc list is also copied when job is copied.

1.0.15 09-Dec-2010
1. Detects invalid characters in source, target path and log file path while saving the job.
2. Performance is improved for filtering of Exclusion/Inclusion in analyzing the file/folder on source.
Year 2011

1.0.16 09-Mar-2011
1. DIR attributes, time stamp and security will be copied parallel.

1.0.17 19-Aug-2011
1. Analyzing source path for files/folder is more optimized in terms of memory.
2. Exclude System Volume Information and recycle bin for source discovering.
3. Job States, Warnings and Error will be displayed on Job History tab.
4. More information will be displayed in Mail and Job Progress screen.
5. Progress bar color changed Red, Green and Orange according to warnings and error encountered.

1.0.18 12-Nov-2011
1. Job Id and "Completed with warning" will be displayed in mail subject.
2. If someone try to use the application newer database schema with older application version then Error Message will be displayed on screen and written in Log file and event log. Application/Service will not start.
3. Copying locked file through VSS will be only attempted if target is not locked, it will increase performance.
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Year 2012

1.0.19 12-Mar-2012
1. Show current activity as completed successfully/error/warning on progress details screen when copy job is over. If all file copied then show no file in lower section of progress details screen.
2. Log file will have timestamp in 24 hour format.
3. Total discovered directory, files and size is displayed in log before starting copying files or creating dirs.
4. CopyFileAttributes is done as file is copied. We are not caring about Archive flag.
5. File is deleted from source as file is copied to target in case of MOVE.
6. Deletion of a file in mid of copy job will be treated as skipped files.
7. Show start time in dd-MMM-yy HH:mm:ss in progress details screen.
8. Size of widget in progress detail screen is decreased, so 4 widgets may appear in single row on progress detail screen.
9. Show actual copied file size on progress detail screen.
10. Folder Security (ACL) will be copied with multiple threads always.

1.0.20 10-May-2012
1. Handle long path error in copying security. Path should be less than 260 char and individual dir name must be less than 248 char.
2. New task will be created with 'Run as manual' setting in expert mode.‏
3. Removing empty folders from source after MOVE will be fast and reliable. It will remove only the folders those were moved to target.
4. App will run always configured number of threads for copying DIR sec, timestamp and attributes.
5. Show app version, trial version info, no of threads, copy option and copy flags on progress detail screen.
6. Wild card support instead of regex for exclusion/inclusion.
7. VSS issues fixed for Windows server 2008 machines.
8. Changed the logic to check for existing directory.

1.0.21 02-Jul-2012
1. Cosmetic issue for 'soure' to 'source' is fixed in Job creation wizard.
2. MIRROR is made reliable and robust. If source machine is not available then files/folder from destination will be not removed.
3. UI has configurable option to stop the job if source/destination unreachable.
4. App will check for source/destination machine online in every 10 sec. If configured then job will be stopped.
5. App will check for destination out of scope when an error comes in file copy. Job will be always terminated if target is out of space.
6. Errors are made more users friendly.

1.0.22 05-Sep-2012
1. System Volume Information folder will be not analyzed.
2. If source/target machine goes down while file is being copied then the file will be listed in 'Files not copied due to error' list.
3. Event will be captured in log file as the service is started or stopped.‏ Application version will be mentioned in log file for service and UI.
4. Corrected the message if Job is terminated due to destination is running out of space.
5. No error should raise in kill task. Running job should be stopped smoothly from Stop button of UI.
6. Manually Running Job without recurrence will be stopped if job is modified to run on recurrence from UI. The job running on recurrence will be stopped as job configuration is modified from UI.
7. Long path folders were not being deleted in MIRROR/MOVE.
8. Warning message "Running Job will terminate' will popup while job is being saved if it's already running.
9. All files will be copied parallel on even threads. We use chunk size of 1 instead of 10.

1.0.24 22-Oct-2012
1. Error in getting file create, access and write date time for some of the very old files.

1.0.28 02-Nov-2012
1. Instant Copy Files without creating list.
2. Date time filter on files.
3. RealTime File synchronization.
4. Bulk Job creation using Import Job.
5. Folder ACL will be applied as Folders are created on destination.
Year 2013

1.0.34 05-Jan-2013
1. Skip if Destination is Newer and Copy only newly created files in Copy changes and Mirror option. This feature is also available in wizard and Import Job.
2. Error job was shown in green on main grid.
3. User can select folder depth level to traverse. Only available in Expert screen. This will be also applicable for destination for syncing (MIRROR) in TCP and Normal Job.
4. Alert displayed as user select "MIRROR" option. Only available in Expert screen.
5. Job was not stopped if connection was broken of client to server in case of Block Copy file copying.
6. VSS fix to copy open files if source and destination path text is same in TCP Job.
7. Current date time and Last Event date Time is displayed on bottom left of progress detail screen. So user can identify if the job is freezed.
8. Conflict in client supported RTA version will be displayed in test button of RTA configuration of Job Configuration screen.

1.0.35 04-Mar-2013
1. Fix issue in RealTime file copy. It was not working with default config settings.
2. Skip temporary files (filename starting with ~).
3. Ignore thumbs. DB and desktop.ini files.

1.0.36 14-Mar-2013
1. Attempt multiple times if file is not being delete in RTA.

1.0.37 26-Apr-2013
1. Job will be not seemed as hang if RTA is down in any case. It will report as error.
2. Remove the read-only attribute before copying file data in block copy.

1.0.38 05-May-2013
1. Improve performance in block copy so it will not stuck any more.
2. Fixed single quote issue in updating warning/error message in database if job is failed.
3. Show the process name that locked the file.

1.0.39 06-Oct-2013
1. Folder Depth field is added in Import Job functionality
2. Folder ACL field issue fixed Import Job functionality
3. Job Serial will be visible in GSAPI for getjoblist. You can toggle to show JobSerial by config file using key "ShowJobSerial".

1.0.40 09-Nov-2013
1. Command line version introduced.
2. Recurrence issue fixed with next day start time.
3. History grid and log file will have status of mail.
4. Fix the issue when mail was sending for success job complete and it was not supposed to send mail for success.
Year 2014

1.0.41 14-Jan-2014
1. If no main command is passed in CLI then it raises some invalid message.
2. JobSerial duplicate was not being checked in CLI.
3. GSTAPI is introduced.
4. GSAPI is converted to interact with service.
5. Bulk Job Creation is open in trial mode.
6. Job Id will be visible in RTA screen.
7. Backup size must be in range of 1-99999 if Sync poison is selected on UI.

1.0.42 05-Feb-2014
1. Environment variable support in Source/Destination,Inc/Exc,Log File,Mail Address,RTA destination and backup path. This will be available in all API's and UI's.
2. User can select multiple folders for Inc/Exc at single time.
3. Sync Poisoning Service was not working in non-debug mode.
4. Application last position and column size is also preserved.

1.0.43 25-Apr-2014
1. Performance improvement to Service for job scheduling and task management.
2. Impersonation logic revised to make it light process.
3. Bug fix in RTA while String is returned to client that is used in multiple threads.

1.0.44 14-Jul-2014
1. Logging in RTA enabled to manage all unhandled error, so connection between client and RTA will be not broken.
2. Password is supported up to 150 char length to match with azure virtual machine password length.

1.0.47 20-Nov-2014
1. Enable tracing on both side of service.
2. Increased buffer size for RTA.
3. Invoke queries in locked mode, so SqlCe does not raise error for Sql Compile for UpdateNextJobTime.
4. Sometime RTA handshaking error due to collection modified.
Year 2015

1.0.48 05-Jan-2015
1. Some of the blank folders are not deleted in case of MOVE.
2. If the “copy as root is checked” and move was the selected operation, then the root folder will move (unless it has files). If the “copy as root is NOT checked” and move was the selected operation, then root folder shall remain after operation.
3. ETA and elapse time will be shown in progress detail screen in 00 Day 00 Hr 00 Min 00 Sec format. We also reduced the size of font, so all data is visible for these columns.

1.0.49 18-Apr-2015
1. CreateJobandRun option in RichCLI run the job immediately but it schedules it for later also. So job ran multiple times.
2. CreateJobandRun option is allowed without RunOnce and Recurrence also.

1.0.50 17-Aug-2015
1. Add a new log level Verbose - it will log the list of files copied in a separate log file. It will be refreshed as job is re-run.

1.0.51 07-Dec-2015
1. If multiple jobs were scheduled for same time and max concurrency is reached then also it was allowing running all jobs.
2. User can preserve their settings in INI files, so when new version is installed the user defined settings are not overwritten.
3. SvcLog files more than 100 MB will be deleted automatically.
4. In case of Out of memory error in RTA, it will log more details for that incident.
5. We are closing channel to service for gsapi and gstapi once all tasks are completed.
Year 2016

1.0.52 03-Apr-2016
1. If job is disabled and job is not marked completed in task history. Then we see wrong warning "Making change to job will terminate it."
2. If RTA is not able to copy timestamp for file due to any error then channel connection was being disconnected.

1.0.53 25-Apr-2016
1. Application was not able to update progress while job running for the machines which were running on other than English language.

2.0.55,1.1.55,3.18 05-May-2016
1. RTA is giving error for arithmetic overflow while getting file information.
2. File/Folder Inc/Exc length is modified to 1000 from 500.

2.0.56 - 07-July-2016
1. In instant copy, if there are more than 20k folders to create in single transaction then out of memory exception is raised. Now we created folder in batch, so less memory is consumed at a time.

1.1.56,2.0.57 - 20-Dec-2016
1. App also allows copying all temp files starting with ~, desktop.ini and thumb.db by using configuration entry.
2. App has some checks so open handle count is not increased in RTA.
3. App has more logging if user close app or start/stop any job.
4. Job log is purged in every 24 hours if it crosses threshold. Previously, app was purging only if user manually clicks on job history tab on UI.
5. Progress column on job grid is bigger and highlighted.
6. Log file will be auto populate as user enter job name on job configuration screen.
7. All logs file and mails will have machine name.
8. User can schedule jobs of 2, 3 and 6 hours also.
9. Log file name will be also change as user creates replica of job with "copy the job" option.
Year 2017

1.1.57,2.0.58 - 14-Feb-2017
1. Application notifies user while minimizing application. So they can easily restore application.
2. If target file is locked by GSRichCopy app while using byte replicator then it tries to unlock file.
3. If application gets error while copy Owner in ACL then it just copy ACL without Owner and also log the message in file.
4. Application notifies improved message if application is already running under same/different login session.

1.1.58,2.0.59 - 01-Apr-2017
1. If any file/folder is deleted in mid of job run then it will be not treated as warning.
2. Validate use of - or _ in email address while registering. Now [email protected], [email protected],[email protected], are valid email address.
3. If port 8008/8009/8888/8889 is being used by some other application then GS RichCopy installation is unsuccessful. Now this message is mentioned in log file, so user may aware of the issue and take appropriate action.
4. RTA installer was not able to install on 32 bit OS due to not able to find access drivers in correct folder.
5. If application shortcut from start menu is dragged to startup folder then it show "Install shield" instead of real application name in task manager.

1.1.59,2.0.60 - 17-May-2017
1. Impersonation was not working if domain name is blank.

1.1.60,2.0.61,3.21 - 1-Sep-2017
1. Job created by, modified by and deleted by information will be logged into Job Summary section on history tab.
2. User is allowed to configure pre and post scripts to run.
3. User may choose not to 'copy empty folders' while copying files from source.
If no files found in a folder then only application treats it as empty folder for non-instant copy.
If no files and sub folder found then only application treats it as empty folder for instant copy. In this case only leaf empty folders will be not created.
4. User may choose to 'copy temp files' (i.e. thumbs.db, desktop.ini and filename starting with ~) while copying files from source.
5. RichCLI - if user sends command to runexistingjob and that job is already running. Previously it stops already running job and start a new running instance. Now it will return a message that job is already running.
One new flag 'force' is introduced to forcefully already running job and start new run instance.

1.1.61,2.0.62,3.22 - 17-Nov-2017
1. If job is configured to use RTA and channel is broke in mid of job run. Then now it recovers itself and resumes the job.
2. 'Copy Job' option was throwing error while duplicating job. This is fixed in current release.
3. Job configuration was not saving the option to copy Folder ACL.
4. In TCP job, sometime timestamp is not applied to some of files because those are locked. Now retry attempt is implemented to apply timestamp.
5. In non-instant file copy job, if files and folders count is very small then app was calculating wrong count of folders on source.
Year 2018

1.1.62,2.0.63,3.23 (1.1.62) - 11-May-2018
1. Log level changed Minimal, Practical and Verbose. Only Errors in form of summary/report will be logged in log file for Log level Minimal else all intermediate status will be log.
2. If ACL not copied for files/folders then it will be treated as Error, previously it was mentioned as Warning.
3. Log file is purged when it reaches 10 MB in size in the event the user did not set a size limit and append option is not set.
4. Copy configuration option details are mentioned in job status notification mail.
5. App resizes itself if windows zoom level is set at OS level.
6. Hours were wrongly calculated if ETA was more than 24 hours.
7. In previous releases, Job run history was not purging at regular intervals.
8. Job Simulation feature is introduced to collect states as actual job run.
9. Performance improvement to copy attributes timestamp for files/folder with the actual file copy.
10. Registration of product with serial keys is allowed to de-register from original machine and register on a different machine.
11. Performance improvements in file copy.
12. If RealTime is configured with Mirror option then User can configure to remove delete file from destination as it's deleted from source.
13. If a user does not have access to files on source/target machine then backup API’s are used to copy those files. It similar works like /b option in Robocopy.

1.1.63,2.0.64,3.24 (1.1.63) - 12-Jun-2018
1. Empty folders were not being created in instant copy.
2. Source and destination path limit is increased to 1000 characters from 200.
3. Performance of syncing folders for MIRROR is improved.
4. User can see names of copied and skipped files if log level is used verbose in job configuration.

1.1.64,2.0.65 - 10-July-2018
1. Some users on x64 bit machine were getting an issue in generating application id.

1.1.65 - 08-Aug-2018
1. If files are in million then progress screen drops the word 'enumerating'.
2. Folder inclusion/exclusion tab is moved prior to file inclusion/exclusion tab in job configuration.
3. ACL is being supported for NAS in normal mode.

1.1.67, 2.0.67 - 06-Oct-2018
1. Users can do offline activation and port their license to another system for selected serial keys.
2. Activated license will be not deactivated if the machine name is changed after license activation.
3. Deletion in Realtime feature was not working for some regions.
4. Non-admin users can also run the application if configured in the application.
5. Exclusion/Inclusion filter extension limit is increased to 70 (25 previously).
6. Fixed a bug in byte replicator where a file was not copied correctly and file size on destination was increased regularly.
7. A job has the option to configure whether mail to sent on success/failure.

1.1.68, 2.0.68 - 06-Dec-2018
1. Support for Windows Server 2019
2. Manual jobs were running on date time configured with runonce type job, now it will not run scheduled at that time.
3. If an email address is not mentioned for notification in job configuration and checkboxes are selected then that option will be disabled
4. Schedule date will be shown blank for manual and disabled jobs.
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Year 2019

1.1.69, 2.0.69 - 07-Jan-2019
1. Scheduled Time column is dropped from the main job's screen.
2. Delta copy will always exclude files of less than 15 MB.
3. RTA icon is updated.
4. Issues in copying ACL with long path file is fixed.

2.0.70 - 09-Mar-2019
1. Added auto-detect compatibility where GS RichCopy 360 was not able to connect to the destination path as WebDAV.

1.1.70, 2.0.71, RTA 3.28 - 26-Jun-2019
1. Checksum verification of files is done after file copy.
2. Fixed issues in database backup and restore.
3. User can configure DBFileName in GSRichCopy360Settings.INI file.
4. User can configure LogFolder in GSRichCopy360Settings.INI file.
5. User can configure Port number in GSRichCopy360Settings.INI file.
6. Service will pick another port number dynamically while starting if the original port is being used by some other process.
7. Fixed issue with Unicode character in RTA.

TD 1.1.73, ENT 2.0.74, RTA 3.31 - 30-Oct-2019
1. Copy Locked file option is now default turned on in job configuration. If 'Copy Locked File' option is not selected in the job and locked file is found while copy job is running then it will be treated as an error (job failure).
2. The job scheduler was picking the next day in case of scheduled jobs with Once. It was happening for the job completed after the configured time interval in the scheduler.
3. In some rare scenarios, recent modification (of last 10 seconds) to data was being lost If a user makes some changes in job or application configuration and app crashed within 10 seconds after that.
4. Job Elapsed time was not calculating day in notification mail after job completion.
5. This version onwards, wildcard filter for inclusion/exclusion of folders will check for the pattern match in the full path instead of the only individual folder name. so all files and subfolders will be copied for any parent folder matched with the pattern.

STD 1.1.74, ENT 2.0.75, RTA 3.32 - 12-Nov-2019
1. Tooltip added on New button if there are no job configured.
2. More logging added to diagnose the job termination after RTA channel terminated.
3. Wildcard pattern issue resolved, so patterns will behave like old versions of app.
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Year 2020

STD 1.1.75, ENT 2.0.76 - 1-Mar-2020
1. Cloud integration for OneDrive/SharePoint/OneDrive for business in beta version.

STD 1.1.76, ENT 2.0.77 - 20-Mar-2020
1. Dropbox and OneDrive login issue fixed and now it will persist tokens.
2. OneDrive API will list down all drives in folder browser window on job configuration screen.

STD 1.1.77, ENT 2.0.78 - 01-Apr-2020
1. Make enumeration of site and drives faster in SharePoint
2. Import/export job support cloud jobs

ENT 2.0.79 - 03-Apr-2020
1. Job CLI command for import/export was not generating correct import script.

ENT 2.0.80, RTA 3.33 - 6-Apr-2020
1. Wildcard support with absolute path in folder inclusion/exclusion is supported. i.e c:\source\a*
2. Inclusion of folder issue in real time service is resolved.

ENT 2.0.81 - 3-May-2020
1. Application authorization mode can be configured in OneDrive for Business/SharePoint/Office 365 migration.
2. Some performance improvement changes done for OneDrive.

ENT 2.0.82 - 30-Jun-2020
1. Cloud path is no more case sensitive for OneDrive.
2. Issue in populating cloud destination dropdown after making copy of a job.
3. User can enable/disable/delete and start/stop multiple jobs at same time.
4. User can purge job history too.
5. User can export multiple job configuration in csv file.
6. *Application supports Microsoft Azure Blob now.

ENT 2.0.83
1. Bug fixed if option to copy ACL selected then application copies empty folder even if "Copy Empty folder" option not selected.
2. Azure blob copy was crashing in big jobs with large files.
3. Copying to Amazon S3 as destination is supported.
4. Copying to Google drive (personal/team) as destination is supported.

ENT 2.0.84, STD 1.1.78 - 04-Oct2020
1. Supported TLS1.2 in all cloud destinations.
2. Cloud bandwidth throttling implemented.
3. Selected Job in grid was changed after saving a job or switching tabs.

ENT 2.0.85 - 13-Oct2020
1. Files between 4 to 5 MB was not being copied to OneDrive.

1. Sorting by job status and progress can be done.
2. Job grid will show last job status on main grid on initial load.
3. Detection of file content change in Sharepoint file can be done based upon file timestamp only.
4. Log file can be send in mail after job completion based upon various configuration.

RTA, ENT, STD VERSION 87- 29-Dec-2020
1. *Search and Replace feature to update bulk job configuration is implemented.
2. Use of port 8009 is removed in RTA.
3. Issue fixed in process of getting OneDrive admin consent.
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Year 2021

RTA, ENT, STD VERSION 88 - 10-Jan-2021 (RTA 3.34 is compatible to old RTA)
1. Unicode characters are supported in log file.
2. Setup uninstalls previous version on installation of latest version.
3. User can bulk update the log file path in jobs from Search/Replace screen.
4. Scheduler frame will be enable/disable instead of hide/unhide in job configuration screen.
5. If log level is verbose and "Attach Log in Email" option is selected then it will attach 'copied and skipped file list' file in mail. Files will be zipped if Zip option is selected.
6. Application support FTP and SFTP as destination for data copy.
7. Bug fixed in standard version where Destination type was being changed Cloud to Normal in some cases.
8. Bug fixed in Cloud Destination as OneDrive where it was throwing error that item not found.
9. User can search for a specific text in folder browser in cloud destination browser dialog box.
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Year 2022

ENT, STD VERSION 1.1.93 and 2.1.02 - 01-Oct-2022 (RTA 3.34 is compatible to old RTA)
1. *High contrast mode is supported by the application.
2. *Azure File Share, Citrix FileShare and WebDAV are supported out of the box.
3. Date will show all over the application as per the machine's default setting.
4. Mapping of drives in the case of WebDAV is made more reliable.
5. TenantId for SharePoint will auto-populate on the screen after application authorization.
6. Bug fix - Log file path with environment variable was being sent wrong in the mail after job completion.
7. UI Design is made more user-friendly and more responsive.
8. Bug fix - Inclusion of folders 'Cloud as Source' was throwing errors.
9. Bug Fix - Dropbox token is no longer has an infinite life now, so updated app to support short-life tokens.
10. Bug Fix - Copy Empty Folder parameter is included in CLI and Import/Export jobs.
11. Mail configuration allows using an amazon email account.
12. *SMB Compression for Windows 2022 server and Windows 11
13. Bug fix - If a job has been executed once, then Job scheduled to run once will be scheduled to run next time on start time of the scheduled time.
14. Bug fix - Jobs set to run other than daily show the wrong date as the next run time.
15. *Cloud-to-cloud jobs are supported.
16. *Last job states will be shown even after the job is completed on the progress screen.
17. Export of Job run history is improved to make it more readable in excel.
18. *TLS1.2 support is enabled while sending mail.
19. Bug fix - User could not select full path for as source/destination.
20. Bug fix - Copying files from onedrive personal to disk has an issue with folder name with space.
21. Tool tip time out is increased to 30 seconds from 5 seconds on job run history screen.
22. Folder list for cloud will appear in sorted order.
23. Bug fix - The vertical scroll bar was not working properly in cloud destination folder chooser from the job configuration screen.
24. Database backup older than 30 days will be auto-deleted when there will be more than 30 backup files in the backup folder.
25. Bug fix - File copy with 'Move' option was not removing files from source which already found on destination without any change.
26. Bug fix - Folder was not removed in Mirror option for some of the S3 compatible storage.
27. Bug fix - Checksum option was missing in APIs).