MSP looking for Reusable licenses



We are an MSP provider and have a lot of servers to migrate for different clients. We are used to using Microsoft Robocopy and Richcopy but they have been causing us a lot of issues from administration overhead and have proven not to give us reliable results.

We purchased a single license of your software and it seems to do the job just fine with all the requirements, however, we are looking to buy a few licenses that we could reuse from one client to another. Do you have such license offering? We are interested in the GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise version


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Hello @PotentialCustomer

Thank you for reaching out and appreciate your quesition. We recently changed our license offering to include a new licensing for MSPs and clients who need to reuse the licenses on different machines where basically our software becomes a IT utility for data replication\migration in their toolbox to use as they need and desire.

We call that portable licenses as licenses can be ported from one installation to another. Basically we ask the customer to purchase 10 licenses to receive them all 10 to be portable. You do not have to purchase all 10 licenses at once but get them within a year. What customers usually do is get one license, test it and confirm it works to their liking and then get the 10 pack (we will credit back what they purchased).

When buying the pack, roughly you receive about 25% or so off the purchase.

That provides customers 10 licenses that they can activate and deactivate as they need with no boundaries. These can be used to migrate a windows file server, a NAS appliance, or a windows workstation.

Please let us know if you have any questions and feel free to reach out to sales or support to inquire further.