GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise and RSYNC



Hello there,
We have been looking at your enterprise version for the last few weeks and testing it with the TCP copy. Is this similar to RSYNC in terms of technology? How does it compare in terms of performance and features?
We have Windows and Linux servers we need to copy data from.


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Hello @beachbump
I hope your testing is going very well. You could say our TCP Copy works very similar to the way RSYNC works. As matter of fact, many of our customers refer to our TCP Copy as the "RSYNC method"

There are substantial difference between the two of course but the overall concept can be viewed the same.

Some of the main differences are:
1) We are designed and optimized to work on windows. RSYNC or RSYNC for windows require a lot of efforts to try to get it working on windows as it was not designed, coded, or meant to work on a windows OS.

2) We can run as a service, multi-threaded, scheduling, copy NTFS permissions, Support long path name, very robust,...etc whereas RSYNC does not offer any of those.

3) Our installation is straight forward with a simple GUI to use yet powerful intelligent under the hood engine.

4) RSYNC is open source and does not have support. Our software is closed source, fully supported, and always evolving.

RSYNC can run on Linux but our software cannot (not yet).

Do not get me wrong, we are not saying RSYNC is not a great product nor that it should be discounted. However, everything has an era and things change. Currently, we are seeing a lot of customer that used to use RSYNC and RSYNC for windows and switching over to us. Though, if you are dealing with Linux, then likely RSYNC will work better there as it was designed for Linux.

Please let us know if this answers your question or if further clarification is needed.