Enterprise or Standard?



What do you recommend to use in this scenario:

We are looking to replicate data from our servers in our datacenter to our EC2 deployment in AWS. The data is in the millions. We need to make sure the data is in sync on weekly basis.

We have a VPN tunnel between our datacenter and AWS instances. Based on the reading, enterprise may be better route but wanted to check before recommending to management.


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Hello @PotentialCustomer
Thank you for reaching out. That is a great question. If you are replicating data across the WAN or internet, it is best to go with the enterprise as you would load the client on the source and a lightweight agent is installed on the destination (AWS EC2). This makes the transfers take place between the client and the agent.

The difference in speed and performance can be substantial by as much as 800% faster as they over come the SMB overhead due to latency and the enterprise version is optimized out of the box for higher latency networks. TCP can copy hundreds of files in a single transfer where normal SMB copy must process each one even if it is simultaneously copying files.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance.