Cannot find NAS for Destination in Wizard



I am trying to set up a manual job to copy the contents of a local disk to a NAS. I can access the NAS via Windows File Explorer but when I try to create a job either manually or via the wizard the NAS does not appear in the Destination drop down list. Also if I enter the network path manually and then try to run the job it fails saying the destination is not accessable.


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Hi RobertPeebles,
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You can paste the path from windows explorer in the source field.
Also to not check the box to run as a service as by default running as a service runs as local system which would not have access beyond local machine resources.
If you want to run the job as a service then either use connect as for the resource but for initial testing we suggest not to run the job as a service.
You can contact the support :
and our Engineers can help you further or guide you through it.

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