Best practice for file server data migration to new server



Hello Support,

I am in the process of purchasing your software, but I wanted to ask about the Copy All option vs Copy Changes Only. I am assuming I would be doing this copy after-hours and so I am wondering if I would do a Copy All to try and get all the data and then a Copy Changes Only just before the cut?


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Hi Steven,
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We would encourage the following as best practice.

Copy changes only to be selected, if the destination is empty then it would copy everything.
Then right before cutover, switch to mirror as mirror would remove files from destination that users deleted from the source over time. This makes the destination to be an exact replica of the source.

Copy all files is there for customers that want to copy all files every time and not skip existing files that did not change due to company policies or regulations.

Copy changes only and mirror would copy new and modified files but skip unchanged files. Mirror goes the extra step to sync deletions from source to destination.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or need assistance.

Thank you

- Alex