Support for SMB Compression on Windows Server 2022


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Hello there,

Just saw that you certified on Windows Server 2022 which is great. Do you support SMB compression? It is a new feature of SMB and have yet to see anyone that supports it. I recall talking to support a few months ago and they said they should support it in a later release.



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Great question. SMB compression is in fact supported with our latest release. Of course, this requires two things:
1) Both nodes (source and destination) must support SMB compression.
2) The share that is hosting the data must have SMB compression turned on.

GS RichCopy 360 has an option that says (SMB Compression) which you can select. If the pre-requisites above are met, then SMB compression will be used.

SMB compression is a great enhancement to SMB and certainly should be used wherever possible.