Server OS and Windows OS support? Which version



Your tool GS Richcopy360 was highly recommended by one of my peers for data migration. He said they used you heavily during migrations of file shares.

We are looking for a tool that can migrate data from windows desktops as well as preserve them as "backup" for remote users.

Is your software designed to only run on Windows servers? Does it also support workstation windows 10 build 1803? Is the licensing different?


Staff member
GS RichCopy 360 standard and enterprise can be run on windows servers and desktop operating systems with no issues.
Once they are installed, they detect which OS type and version it is installed on and it would adapt to use the right feature sets for that installer.

For instance, if GS RichCopy 360 is installed on a windows server 2016, then it would optimize itself to work best on that operating system. As far as you are concerned as a user, everything behaves the same, however, under the hood, it would use the optimized APIs for that operating system. This applies to server and desktop operating systems.