Run job on schedule without being logged in



Can you schedule jobs to run without being logged into the server? I mean, windows would be at the login prompt. So we do not want any user interaction to be required.


Yes you can do that. We currently use it. Bascially set the job to run as a service and set the calendar of how often you want it to run. Then the job will run by itself even if you are not logged in to the machine. It will run according to schedule.
You can also set it to email you once the job is complete. It is very slick and easy.


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As @SANEGR stated, if you set the job to run as a service and set it to run according to a schedule, then the job will run without requiring you to be logged in. For as long as the machine is on, it should run as expected.


I believe I have my install of GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise running as a service, it is listed as auto start in services. When I log in after a few days, the LastRun column shows the day when I last logged out and the NextRun column shows 1 minute from the time I just logged in.

It doesn't appear like the jobs are running unless I am logged in, can you help?


Make sure you have the job set to run as a service is checked (as pointed in the image). This will then run without requiring your intervention. For as long as the machine is up and running, then it will run as scheduled.

If you run into any issues, feel free to contact and we can get more details.