Report per job sent to the address defined in the job


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A very useful functionality would be to have the possibility to send a report per job, only with what was copied / moved, to one or more email addresses defined in the job (other than the general one).


Job 1 - mail to [email protected]
The following files have been copied from ... to ....
1. abcd.pdf 10 kb
2. cde.jpg 250 kb

Job 2 - mail to [email protected]
The following files have been moved files from ... to ...
1. eee.pdf 3 Mb
2. 44.jpg 256 kb

And when nothing was moved/copied after running the job, no report should be sent.
This report is useful for the beneficiary users of the job.

The report that is generated now is more bushy and is useful to the one who administers the application and should remain as it is now.

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Hello Bogdan,
Thank you for your input. This feature has been implemented and it works as such.

1) Each job has its to field changeable under each job. So job1 can have a different recepient from job2 and so forth. You can also add multiple recepients sperated by semi colons and you have the option to use CC and BCC.
2) You can set the job log to verbose. This will trigger the job to generate three files, the first file will be the normal standard transaction log, the second log will be a list of copied file list, and the third will be the skipped file list.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or need any additional assistance. Feel free to reach out to mailto:[email protected] if you need further details.