progress or details screen



The software is the best copying file that I tried, all copying jobs running successfully, no errors, no problems but I have an issue that I am not sure that is there is a progress or details screen which I can show to see the status of my copying tasks or tasks details?


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Hi ElizabethJacob
We hope to be the best as you think :) ,

- Progress Screen :
When a job is in a running state, you can click the progress bar next to the running job or click the Progress button at the bottom-left side part of the window to see the full details regarding the job’s progress.
If a job is set to multi-thread (highly recommended), each copy thread and its progress will be shown as well.

- As extra information to show Job Details Window :
GS RichCopy 360 offers a single viewer pane, the Job Details window when viewing or modifying an existing job. The window is very rich in terms of features and options while being simple and intuitive.
You can access the Job Details window in two different ways:
• Double-clicking on an existing job or selecting the edit button () corresponding to that specific job.
• Creating a job using a blank job’s details. This option is selected using the Job Schedule Wizard.

- Alex