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Hi community
I am trying to move about 3TB of folders and subfolders with photos and videos from my local computer to another computer in the same network via LAN, which sounds simple, but after finish the transfer I faced some issues which I can't handle via Robocopy or via troubleshooting.

what I am asking is, can your tool "GS RichCopy 360 " achieve the below requirements? and which version do I need?

- Once copied to the destination I need to preserve all of the permissions
- Since it is possible that people will still be copying over photos until the close of business I would like for the copy process to update the destination with any changes.

your response is highly appreciated


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Hi Lucas_tegooo,

Welcome to the community, yes GS RichCopy 360 can preserve all of the permissions, timestamps and can copy the changes only. These features all are available in GS RichCopy 360 Standard and Enterprise versions.

Kindly check our Admin Guide for more info about the features of Gs Richcopy 360 Standard and Enterprise :

- Alex
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