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Claire Jordan

We have a QNAP and a Pc (different network), our purpose is to transfer the changes only which happens in a specific file called "ClassT" from our PC which contains windows server 2016 to QNAP .the problem is that NetBak Replicator creates unwanted paths and this artificial path makes the " copy" useless for its intended purpose , also I don't have the ability to run the jobs on a schedule automatically and I don't have the option to make Email me NetBak Replicator after the job done.
I searched many sites and I found some users recommend your program, can you really help me ?


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Hi Claire,
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GS RichCopy 360 can simply run on your PC to copy updated data only /copy the changes only located on a specific file to QNAP.
Our product has an easy/simple GUI, can run on schedule without having to worry about opening the app or not, can Email you when the task is finished, fast, robust and you will not issue like the "unwanted paths ".

Also, please check :
- Admin Guide
- Features Compare
- Trial version

we are in your service 24/7

- Alex

Claire Jordan

Awesome, You provided me more than I need and I will give it a try today