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I set a job so that at the end of the day the files from a folder in SharePoint are moved to another folder in the same SharePoint.
The job runs ... it moves the files to the destination folder ... but it also deletes the source folder. How do I set the job to stop deleting the source folder?
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Dear bogdan,
Welcome to the community, choosing the "Move" option means moving files and directories (delete from source after copying).


Kindly check the use of each other options below, and you can choose which is suitable to your needs :
• Copy Changes Only—copies only files and folders that are new or modified from the source to
the destination (Deltas only). This option will not delete files from the destination if they do not match
the source. If the destination has the same files, those files will be skipped.
• Mirror—mirrors the destination to the source.
Note: If a file is deleted from the source, it will also be deleted from the target.
• DIR—copies only the directory tree structure.
• Copy All—copies all files and folders from source to destination (i.e. overwrite files and folders
that match in the destination). This option will overwrite any duplicates of those in the source.


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I think there is a misunderstanding in the middle.
So, I want to move the contents of the "Upload eFactura" folder to the ".xml eFactura" folder. I want this job to run every day at 23:00. The problem is not moving the contents of the folder, which happens ... the problem is that at the end of the job the "Upload eFactura" folder is deleted ... normally it should remain empty ... so that I can run the job in the following days.
For a better understanding, I will explain the problem that the job must solve: we have a folder in Sharepoint ("Upload eFactura") in which external partners must upload some documents until the end of their program, at 11 pm the documents are transferred to another folder (".xml eFactura") to be processed by our operators the next day until the end of the program. External partners have access only to the "Upload eFactura" folder ... our operators only to the ".xml eFactura" folder.