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I was recommended your site from a colleague and I am very excited to see if this can work for us. We are in the process or decommissioning and old NAS storage system running CIFs. We are currently using Robocopy and using a Windows "jump host" to initiate the copy from the NAS to a new Windows File Server. Reading through some of the posts it is mentioned that a license needs to be installed on the source and target? There is no way to install anything on a NAS so is it possible to use this utility for migrating data off? If i was going from a NAS to many windows file servers would I need to purchase 1 = Source and 4 = Target licenses?

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Hi rcopithorne
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Good question. You do not need to install it on every source and destination. It is recommended you install it on the source if the source is "windows". This would give you the best performance and ability to copy open and locked files.

However, if your source is NAS as you stated, then it is recommended to install it on the destination to get better performance. If you go with this route, then you only need a license for each destination.

Using a jump server is supported and would work fine as well. performance could take a bit of a hit as the NIC card on that server is busy reading from source and writing to destination at the same time. If you go with that route, then you only need a single license for the jump server.

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