Manually running a job skips its next scheduled run



First, thank you for developing and maintaining such a great product. It is indeed the simplest and more robust RoboCopy alternative I have worked with.

There is one thing that I have noticed though, and that is that if you manually run a job that has a schedule, then the next scheduled run gets skipped.

For example: a job is scheduled to run every day at 10:00 PM. Its next scheduled run is Monday at 10:00 PM. If I manually run the job (for any reason whatsoever) at 2:00 PM on Monday, then the system skips the 10:00 PM run on Monday and the next scheduled run becomes Tuesday at 10:00 PM.

Sometimes we need to run jobs manually in addition to their normal scheduled runs (testing, unscheduled synchronizations, etc.)

Am I missing something on the configuration that is causing this behavior?


GSRC360 - Job.PNG

GSRC360 - Schedule.PNG


Staff member
Thank you for the details and reaching out. If you have the job set to run once a day, then it will keep into account that you ran the job manually that day. If you do not want it to count the job you want to run that day, then copy the job and run the copy. Copying a job makes an exact copy of the job job. Then you can set it to manual if desired.

We could pass on a feature request to have the option to run jobs and not count against the job scheduler if you like.

Thank you,