Import Robocopy jobs into GS RichCopy 360



We use Robocopy heavily in our server and data migrations. Due to different various issues, we are looking for an alternative and in the process of evaluating your product.
Is there anyway we can import our robocopy scripts into your gs richcopy360 product? We are just trying to avoid having to create each one manually via the GUI. It can be a lot of overhead.


Staff member
Our enterprise version offers an import feature where you can import 2500 jobs in a few clicks. If you can get the source and destination in an excel format, then you could do a massive import.
Furthermore, you could use command line to create, trigger jobs as an additional option. So you could have you robocopy script modified to use our syntax and then trigger it from the command line (CLI) and this would fully take care creating and running the job if needed.