How many licenses do we need?



We are currently in the process of evaluating your software and need to get some clarification on the following:

Do we need a license for each machine (source and destination)?

What if the source or destination is a NAS device? How do we license that?


Staff member
That is a great question. We do not require a license for source nor destination. However, it is very highly recommended that you install our client on the source machine so that you get much better performance and you gain the ability to copy open and locked files.

So in the scenario above, you only need one license.

To further explain, you could have the license on one server but use a UNC path as the source and a UNC path as destination and still use a signle license as we license per the machine you installed us on. It is not a recommended setup as we recommend you install us local to where the source is.

Hopefully this clarifies it.