How many licenses do we need



Do we have to buy a license for the source and destination? Most replication software require source and destination. Your website does not clarify if that is the case?


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That is a great question. The short answer is you do not need to license the destination. The best practice is you install it on the source and that is the only license you need.

Please let us know if there is anything else you need.


Does this mean nothing is installed on the destination and Windows own file transfer protol (SMB) is used?


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That is correct. You have the option to use the "Normal" copy which uses SMB. In that case, nothing needs to be installed on the destination.

If you have millions of small files or copying across WAN connections, then you could explore the enterprise edition which offers another method to copy files using TCP Copy which in turn would require a lightweight agent to be installed on the destination. In this scenario, files would be copied over a single TCP port (configurable). TCP copy has proven to be more advantageous over SMB when copying millions of small files or when copying over WAN connections where latency could hinder the performance of SMB protocol.

Hopefully, this answers your question.

- Alex