File replication on multiple servers and domains with NTFS



I would like to know if your software keeps same NTFS permission between two domain which as AD Trust. also your software support replication from on premises to cloud or not. windows does not support more than 256 characters file path but still are your software able to replicate that file/folder.


Staff member
Our software is able to retain the NTFS permissions. With that said, if a folder or a file has permissions for domainA\user1 when it copies to destination, it would remain as domainA\user1 and not translate it to the other domain. Not sure if that was what you are asking.

We copy to the cloud with no issues. Also if your cloud is running a full VM, you should consider the enterprise version which has superior option to copy across WAN connections.

Long pathname support is fully supported out of the box. If you run a copy job and our software detects a long path, then it knows to change to the proper algorithm and technique to deal with it.

Great questions. Please let us know if you have any further questions or need any assistance.