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we have an issue here in my company, the top management ask us(employees)to work from home because of coronavirus and to send our finished tasks daily, our IT Manager ask us to stop robocopy and to find a simple GUI technology that employee can easily use and transfer the tasks daily, every employee will send between 100M to 10G, I did a google search and I find good reviews about gs richcopy360, my question is, How can your software help us? How can I convince the manager of your program؟


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Hi ElizabethJacob ,
Welcome to the community, your issue is simple and easy to handle via GS RichCopy 360,
GS RichCopy 360 is not only easy to use because of its simple and pretty GUI and not only has affordable Value compared to the other solutions but also is designed to work on Windows servers and workstations and is perceived as the industry leader for file and folder replication and synchronization in WAN and LAN environments.

We offered it in two different versions, Standard and Enterprise and you can check the difference between the two versions via this link .
The enterprise version includes all options offered in the Standard version and other advanced options such as Bulk Job Create/Import, Block Level Replication, Real-time Replication, Compression, Encryption, and Replication over a TCP port.
The latter option is recommended for replication across the internet, locked-down firewall environments and many more options covered later in this manual.
GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise will work over LAN, WAN, and VPN connections and across the internet and you can download the trial version from this link
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thanks for your helpful info
How can I connect with you for such a deal ? and what about your technical support team if we have any problem?


hi guys .... I have a situation like this here in Australia and we will work from home the next 2 weeks but I am not sure yet