Copy Large files over the internet



Hello Gurus,

It says your enterprise version of gs richcopy can copy files over the internet. Does that mean we do not need a VPN tunnel?
How many ports and which ports does it use?
Can we configure the ports?
Is my data encrypted during the copying over the internet? Some of these files contain sensitive data.

How many licenses do we need (one for the source and another for the target)?
We tried to use Rsync but it terrible and did not have the features we needed. How do you guys compare to it in terms of performance?


Staff member
Great questions.
Indeed, the GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise version can copy files over the internet. You do not need a VPN tunnel.
It uses a single port (TCP 8008) by default but you can easily configure it within the application to any other port that is available.
You have the option to encrypt the data while in transit (and you should) using AES 128/256 encryption. There will be NO performance impact as we offload the encryption to the CPU so it is done at the hardware level.
Encryption is easily turned on by a checkbox.
You only need to get one license for the source, the destination gets a free (no license) lightweight agent.

In terms of RSync, we really outperform it significantly in every aspect whether we are talking about performance or features. We are designed and optimized to run on windows. Both of our GS RichCopy 360 versions are considered enterprise-grade and we have no limitations.

Hopefully, we have answered all of your questions and please do not hesitate if you need additional assistance.