Copy Files across the internet



We have two machines that need to copy across the internet (no VPN tunnel or MPLS connection). How can your GS RICHCOPY 360 Enterprise copy across the internet?

Also is it safe to copy across the internet?
The manual said it uses one port to copy data across it. Can it still be multithreaded?
What does compression do in that case? I do not want the data to be compressed when it is copied to the target.


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GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise offers the features to use TCP Copy which uses a single TCP port copy data. This requires a small (free) lightweight agent to be installed on the destination. The client would initiate the connection to the destination over that single TCP port which is configurable if needed (uses TCP 8008 by default).

It is completely safe if you turn on the encryption feature which can use AES128/256 encryption (this is the industry standard and most secure level of encryption known to market. This is what banks and government use which you logon to their portals online.

As for compression, we do not compress files on the destination, we compress blocks of files prior transferring it to the destination, the agent would then decompress and put it on the destination. The compression only takes place during the "in-transit" as it can reduce the bandwidth consumption and significantly improve the transfer speed.

Even though we use a single port to transfer files and folders via TCP Copy, we are still able to multi-channel the port so that we can stream multiple threads (files) simultaneously.

These were great questions, hopefully we were able to answer them. If not, please let us know and we can elaborate further.


Hello itahmed, just wanted to give you an update. we ended up using a trial and it worked as suggested. We ended up using 4 threads instead of 8 as our network link speed is slower on the destination side, so 4 threads were able to copy with no issues.