Ability to copy millions of files and folders. Possible?



Hello there,
We have a file server that we want to migrate its data to a new windows server. Is GS RichCopy 360 able to copy millions of files and folder? We currently try to use ultracopier but it is unable to go past 500k files before it fails.
We noticed on your website it says that it can copy millions of files with no issues.
Please confirm before we purchase.


Staff member
GS RichCopy 360 standard and enterprise have no issues copying hundreds of millions or even in the billions (we have seen a few customers copying files in the billions in a single job).
Many of our customers are enterprise or government with hundreds of millions of files to copy and have no issues.

To better answer your question, we have no limitations as to how many files you can copy or even a limit on size. For as long as your hardware can support it, we can copy it.

Please let us know if this clarifies the answer.